Callaway Solaire 11pc Ladies Golf Sport Package Set


  • $1,075.00 CAD
  • Save $124.00 CAD

The new Callaway Solaire Sport 11-Piece Set is designed specifically for women, with a premium design, fit and performance to help them hit their best shots and a sporty stand bag for those who like to walk the course.

Features & Details

  • Premium Design

    - Beautiful design with a premium look, led by the authentic, high-end pink and black finish options in the clubhead and in the shaft.

  • Complete Course Coverage

    - Every club is engineered with Callaway technologies for ideal distance coverage, forgiveness, and high ball flights out of a variety of lies for women golfers who want to hit their longest, straightest shots. The loft configurations are also suited for women.

  • Premium Putter

    - Easy-to-align mallet to help you make more putts.

Women's 2018 Solaire 11-Piece Set Product Specs

Name Loft Availability Standard Length Lie Swing Weight
Driver 15.5° RH  44.50" 57.00° C4
3-wood 18° RH  42.25" 57.50° C4
5H 24° RH  39.00" 59.50° C3
6H 29° RH  38.25" 60.50° C3
7-iron 33° RH  36.50" 62.50° C4
8-iron 38° RH  36.00" 63.00° C4
9-iron 43° RH  35.25" 63.50° C4
PW 48° RH  34.75" 64.00° C5
SW 56° RH  34.50" 64.00° C7
Putter RH  33.00" 70.00° NA

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