Goose Towel


  • $19.99 CAD

 The Goose Towel is the ultimate golf towel to help you optimize the performance of your golf game. Playing with clean golf clubs is essential for every player regardless of your ability. In order to achieve the best possible outcome for every golf swing you take you need to ensure that your clubs are in the best possible condition. That means clean and dry golf clubs. Clean grooves and dry grips mitigate the adverse effects that dirty clubs have on grip, trajectory and spin. Clean clubs deliver superior distance and control. Just check out the pros. Their clubs are spotless and for good reason. They realize how critically important clean clubs are to their play. 


  • Hi tech four-layer design and “pocket design” allows for ease of use and ultimate protection in adverse conditions 
  • Water repelling membrane layer 
  • Microfiber interior layer for deep clean and polishing results 
  • High-quality construction, and structural stitching for added durability 
  • Reversible function 
  • Goose Velcro design serves as a handy golf glove holder 
  • Carabineer provides flexible hanging options and easy removal 
  • Magnetic ball marker holder and ball marker included with Putting-Mate 
  • Washer and dryer safe 
  • Assorted colours, styles and patterns 
  • Truly Canadian, designed in Canada

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