Laser Link Switch Tour

Laser Link Switch Tour


  • $339.00 CAD

The Laser Link Switch Tour is the rangefinder for the golfer who wants everything. All of the simplicity and ease-of-use of our target-specific QuickShot technology is combined with the versatility and power of our original Red Hot technology to give you the best of both worlds. It truly is the power of two rangefinders combined into one convenient device.

  • Two rangefinders in one — Just slide the switch to choose your functionality
  • Laser Link Golf's trademark pistol shape
  • Red dot aiming featuring the Zero-In Alignment System (ZAS)
  • Customizable measurement feedback settings
  • Measures in yards or meters.
  • Measures DISTANCE ONLY, to conform to USGA and R&A Rules, as well as USGA Handicap Guidelines. (See USGA Handicap System Manual Decision 5-1f/2).

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