Maui Jim Nalani

Maui Jim

  • $309.00 CAD


The heavenly skies of Hawaii known for an array of beautiful colors, from a bright blue afternoon sky to a rich red orange sunset, all for our enjoyment.

Shape: Refined rectangle complements many face shapes

Bridge: Fixed saddle-style design

Fit: (eye) 61, (bridge) 16, (temple) 126, 6 base curve

Finish: High-gloss finish

Material: Anti-corrosive spring that provides flexibility offering a secure, comfortable fit for various face shapes and sizes

Hinge: Acetate, which proves to be lightweight, extremely durable and easily adjustable for a custom fit

Maui Pure™

The perfect lens for your everyday active lifestyle, MauiPure® is the lightest weight choice for long days in the sun. Scratch and impact-resistant. Injection molded for the crispest optics next to glass.


A proprietary, silicone-based hard coat that protects your lenses. Glass is naturally scratch resistant but MauiPure®, Maui Evolution® and polycarbonate lenses perform better longer with the added durability of our optically correct CLEARSHELL®. Applied to the front and back of the lens.


In every pair of Maui Jims you’ll find our patented, color-infused lens technology that wipes out 99.9% of glare, 100% harmful UV and boosts color via specially designed lens treatments. So your view is clearer, with crisper contrast and amazing brilliance.