Suunto Mc-2 / 360 / D / L / Cm / In / Nh Compass


  • $63.95 CAD

A Professional Mirror Compass With Top-Of-The-Line Features For Precise Directional Measurements

The Accurate Mirror Compass For Serious Hikers

The Advanced Navigation Compass.
When Venturing Out Into New Territory, These Sighting Compasses Offer Precision Navigation With A Variety Of Carefully Engineered And Dependable Features For Challenging Conditions.

Product Highlights

  • High Grade Steel Needle With Jewel Bearing
  • Balanced For Northern Hemisphere
  • Adjustable Declination Correction
  • Liquid Filled Capsule For Stable Operation
  • Mirror For Sighting Bearings And Signaling
  • Sighting Hole And Notch For Accurate Bearings
  • Clinometer
  • Luminescent Markings For Working In Low Light
  • Metric Utm Scales And Inch Ruler
  • Baseplate With Magnifying Lens
  • Detachable Snap-Lock Lanyard With Wristlock. Easy To Detach For Working With The Map
  • Suunto Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made In Finland

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